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Are you aware that over 80% of complaints to restaurants, hotels, churches, corporate buildings and other facilities is because of bathroom dissatisfaction?


If you are in business or manage a facility, you probably understand the importance of satisfying your customer in this regard, but replacing the tile and grout is just way too cost prohibitive.


Grout Tek has the answer!


Most commercial buildings have several high traffic areas that use tile because of their long life and durability. Unfortunately, 

tile and grout, after continued use, harbor bacteria and mold as well as build up dirt, grit and grim which transforms those once gleaming, beautiful floors into a dark, filthy eyesore. No matter how good you are as a business owner, manager or maintenance supervisor, the job to try to keep them shining is grueling and nearly impossible.


Again, Grout Tek has the answer!


Grout Tek is much more than just a very deep cleaning. It is a rejuvenation and restoration process that will solve all of your grout and tile problems. Of course, after we clean and apply our proprietary sealer to your floors, the dirt will still build up from the traffic in your building. But it no longer penetrates into the grout. It sits on the surface instead of permeating your grout, allowing it to be washed away easily and efficiently. Once again, your floors will shine like new.


Grout Tek will restore all areas of your building including:


* Bathrooms

* Lobbies

* Kitchens

* Pool & Jacuzzi Areas

* Showers

* Locker Rooms

* Anywhere there is Tile & Grout


Let Grout Tek bring the lustre of your tile and grout back to new!


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