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Q: Why Should I Seal My Grout? 


A: Grout is very porous. The dirty water seeps into your sub floor or walls after washing. Sealing your grout will prevent this.

Q: What Is So Different About Grout Tek's Sealant?

A: While most clear seals are Acrylic, Teflon or Silicone that wears away over time, Grout Tek has developed a sealer that lasts for ten, fifteen and even twenty years.

Q: I Have A Tile Floor That Is Five Years Old And The Grout Is Discolored. Can I Use Your Service on That Grout?

A: Yes, we use a Grout Tek deep cleaner that will remove the discoloration from the grout allowing our sealer to bond to the grout.

Q: Should I Clean My Floor With Vinegar?

A: NO!! Vinegar is an acid and can eat your sealer away. You should always use a natural Ph cleaner that is environmentally friendly.

Q: How Easy Is Your Sealer To Maintain?

A: Our sealer is very easy to maintain. Damp mop with Grout Tek's maintenance cleaner and towel dry.

Q: Should I Always Towel Dry?

A: Always! The water is not going to absorb into your grout after you've sealed it. The water will just sit on top. Eventually, the water will evaporate, but the dirt will stay. Towel drying your floor will prevent this and keep your floor looking new.

Q: What Do You Recommend To Clean My Floor With?

A: We have a maintenance product that we recommend upon servicing your tile.

Q: How Long Does Your Sealer Take To Dry?

A: In about 20 minutes you can walk on your floor, but don't wash the floor for 24 hours.

Q: Can I Use My Shower After You Have Sealed It?

A: Yes, but it is recommended that you wait 24 hours before use, and if we sealed your floor, wait 48 hours before showering.