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Old Grout: a Breeding Ground for Virus' and Bacteria!

Have you ever thought of what you might be stepping on under your feet as you shower or what you are cooking on if you have a tile countertop?

With all the information around about COVID-19, we feel it's worth sharing what we know about old grout being a breeding ground for germs!

Grout cleaning, grout sealing and caulking replacement has become a very necessary addition to every home, especially during these times. Yes, grout color and longevity of the grout sealing product is important to every homeowner for esthetic value. But if you don't address the importance of giving your grout a truly deep cleaning and sealing, you will be living with grout and tile that have trapped moisture, dirt and offending bacteria for years.

Have you suffered with allergens? Your old grout could be a major offender without you even knowing it. Unbeknownst

to most homeowners, grout acts like a sponge and absorbs stains and dirt that when kept moist, can evolve into bacteria and when left unchecked, black mold. So not only is it unsightly, but it is also very unsanitary.

Many homeowners don't understand how necessary it is to have a reputable grout cleaning and grout sealing company give you an estimate on scrubbing that old grout, cleaning up all of the germs, mildew and possible mold and sealing it correctly so you never have this problem again.

Grout Tek has been doing grout cleaning, grout sealing, caulking replacement and restoring your bathroom, kitchen and foyer tiles to like new condition in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield and surrounding towns for over a decade.

Call us for a free estimate and set your mind at ease. Your bathroom will be sanitized, sealed and cleaned and look like new for years to come!

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