You might not realize it,

but a lot of activity happens

on your kitchen and bathroom

floors. Your pets run on them,

your baby crawls on them, kids

drop food then eat it and your

friends and family stare at them 

every visit they make.


Nothing is more frustrating than cleaning

your home and discovering that the grout in

your kitchen and bathroom tile looks aged,

spotted and dirty. And nothing...simply nothing

gets it clean. And if you manage to see some light

at the end of the tunnel and bring any brightness to

it at all, it lasts but a couple of weeks and you're right

back at the beginning again!








Here at Grout Tek, we specialize in ending your frustration!


No, we are not simply a "grout cleaning" company. We restore and rejuvenate your grout at a fraction of the cost to regrout or completely replace your tile. 


Many companies profess that they will solve all of your dirty grout problems, when in fact, they will charge you to do nothing more than a deep cleaning. It looks good for a short time. Before you know it, you're dealing with the same old problems that you had before they took your money.









Grout Tek is known for its very effective deep cleaning and sealing. 


1. The area to be cleaned, sealed and rejuvenated is swept clean.

2. Grout Tek's exclusive, proprietary cleaning formula is applied over the entire area. 

3. The grout is brushed to gently loosen any dirt that remains so the grout is clean like new.

4. Grout Tek's unique sealer, designed to restore and revitalize your grout, is applied.

5. Within 20 minutes you are able to walk on your floor again.


Your floor and tile grout now have superior durability and have a protective barrier

that protects your grout from stains, grease, bacteria, mold and mildew.


Grout Tek solves all of your problems. Not only do we clean your tile, deeply, removing dirt and bacteria for a healthier floor, but we restore your grout and tile to a like-new appearance.


Our proprietary, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution brings out

the lustre and shine of your grout just like it was when it

was first installed. 


The protection to your grout will last for years and

will allow you to be proud once again of your 

beautiful kitchen and bath.