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Grout Cleaning and Refurbushing

By Suzanne O'Connor



Is your Grout looking dirty and dingy? Have food stains? Thinking about re-grouting or tiling? Don’t! Not until you get a free demonstration and quote from the amazing guys at Grout Tek…. The grout makeover specialists.


I first heard about Grout Tek from my friend, Delora. When she was having guests over for Thanksgiving Week, the first thing she did was call Grout Tek to clean, repair and refinish the grout in her kitchen. She originally knew them from back East, having used them before to do her kitchen floor and counters. But now they have opened here in North Hollywood to service Southern California.


So outstanding were the results she got, I had them come over and give me a quote and demonstration. I had them look at 2 different tiled areas, my bathtub shower walls and my 4-year old, tile kitchen floor. I didn’t think they could do anything with my kitchen floor. It was practically new with 1’ x 2’ grey porcelain tiles and grey tinted grout.  I also am a bit fanatical and scrub my grout about every 4-8 weeks. But I wanted to see what they could do.


First, they took a very small section of the floor (1’ x 1’ area) and sprayed on their eco friendly cleaning solution, followed by a brush, scrubbing to open up the grout. This alone made a huge difference. Then they applied a grout sealer that was custom tinted right in front of me to match my original grout color. Wow! What an unbelievable difference. 


However, I wanted to make sure it would last so I waited till after the wrath of Thanksgiving cooking went through my kitchen. My kitchen truly takes a beating every Thanksgiving and it takes several days to clean up…. I still haven’t done my stove yet.

With people coming in and out all day and night we spilled cranberries, tea, gravy, Turkey juice, pumpkin, and wine, Ugh! But after washing the floor, the area that had been worked on by Grout Tek still looked pristine and new…. Much better than the rest of the floor, that was now as clean as it would ever get.




The guys, Dennis and Dennis that run the west coast operation are straight-forward and honest and are eager to please. I highly recommend them.





To the whole Grout Tek team,

Had to write. I told you I would.


As you know, we recently purchased our first home and the flooring throughout the kitchen/ dining room & laundry room was white tile with white grout. The previous owner probably gave up trying to scrub the grout clean, so area rugs were used to cover large areas and the rest of the flooring was very stained. No cleaner I tried would whiten the grout, except resorting to SoftScrub and a good scrub brush - and some areas could never be whitened no matter what I tried. Even the areas that did get cleaned, were gray with dirt within a week or two again!


After some research, I found your company online but was still skeptical. After reading all the testimonials I decided to get a free estimate. Your staff that came to our home were beyond respectful and accomodating. I have to admit, I was nervous as they were treating my floor, but the results are fantastic! The before and after photos tell the story of what I was dealing with and how it looks now. Thank you thank you thank you!


Julia S.

Happy New Year!

You guys are AMAZING! My kichen and bath look better than new. Thank you!

This pic doesn't do it justice. I can't believe how awesome it looks! There is NO smell, it's so easy to clean up, and it's EASIER to do it than I ever thought! 

AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Photos attached!.



Dear Grout Tec Staff,

I had the tile done in my kitchen and laundry room about 18 months ago. I thought it would look good for years.

In the meantime, we did extensive drywall work in the kitchen, and the laundry room is where the litter box is, so my beautiful raven grout was almost white in spots, and no amount of scrubbing helped. It just looked dirty...

So I called and spoke to one of your "teks" and he told me that you could get it looking like new again. I have to say I was a bit skeptical.

Seeing is believing. I cannot argue with the results...  :-)

Here is a before and after shot of the worst of it--and the results are amazing...

Thank you Grout Tek!

Christine E.

Here are the before and after pictures of the ceramic tile in our 600 sq. ft. kitchen at our church. Can't thank you all enough for the fast and affordable job you did.

Ron J.

We hired your company to rejuvenate our master bathroom shower, which was getting pretty disgusting. It completely transformed it back to a like-new feeling shower. Thank you so much for the maintenace cleaner as well. Here are some pics. Figured you may like to get customers before and afters.

P.S. Kitchen is next!
Dave P


I just want to thank you. I was so happy when I found your company online. I was doing research to try and find something to clean my grout on my kitchen floor, which was driving me nuts. I would scrub it at least once a month (back breaking job) with bleach. It would look ok for a few days and be right back to looking filthy.

After agreeing so a very affordable estimate from your rep, we decided to give it a shot for the holidays since we were having relatives from out of town. It looks so good that we were asked if we replaced the tile. Next year, pencil us in for our bathroom! Check out the pics!

One very happy customer :-) 

Liebe D.


















Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the results in both of my bathrooms. What a difference. Please show the photos to everyone in the office. I need you to call me. My kitchen floor is in need! :)

Double thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

John Y.















Hi! I just wanted to share how happy and satisfied I am with your company, your workers and with the results! I love the way it looks so much that I wish I had more tile floors to have you do, although you basically did my whole home! To my satisfaction and excitement I had already invited friends and family to look at my clean floors. The results are amazing and exceeded my expectations. My floors now are giving me that clean look that I have never seen since we moved in. I'm so happy that I found you. After 4 years of searching it was great to find an honest, affordable company that completes a service that is all you said it would be and more. You surely made us happy and helped us save some money too. More power to Grout Tek! 

Anne C.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys at Grout Tek. Floor LOOKS BRAND NEW! This is after lots of other products and methods tested. LOVE IT! THANK YOU! 

Cory R.


I am very impressed with the results. My existing grout was very dirty and out dated. I even had a company that did gout cleaning and it did not turn out any better. A friend of mine had her bathroom tile rejuvenated. I thought she got it retiled. And when she told me the price, I called your company right from her bathroom! I am a 67 year old lady and can't scrub like I used to. Now I don't have to. A week later, I ended up having you come and do my kitchen, dinning area, bathroom and hallways. My family and friends think that I had all new grout put in. And again I want to thank the whole Grout Tek team for a great product and service. 

Rebecca T.


You just left my home and as I promised, I'm writing a testimonial. After buying products on TV and nearly every one in every store, I gave up! I was more than pleasantly surprised at the results of your product. My grout was so discolored and now it looks like new! Your service is way better than I expected. 

Thank you so much. 

J. Lauter


Thank you so much! We were about to rip up our tile in our kitchen but decided we your company a try first. Beautiful floor once again and saved us a TON of money. Thank you thank you! 

Leslie G.



I had to write to tell you that I have been in my new home and for nearly 3 years, I've been trying to get my bathroom grout to look and stay clean. Just when I think it's perfect, mold and white calcium spots appear again! 3 years ago. As you know, I was desperate. I had my mother coming to stay with me for the holidays and didn't know what to do. My husband called your company and within a few short hours, my tile all looked brand new! Thanks for being so awesome! 

Donna P.


Yes, my home looks new again. Thanks so much for the help and for the laughs while you were working. You have a great company!

Chris B.


Thank you so much for your service! We were about to rip up our tile in our kitchen but decided we would try you first since your prices are so affordable. You worked wonders. Saved us a TON of money. Thank you thank you! 

Leslie G.